Fein WSG14-125 Compact Angle Grinder

Fein WSG14-125 Compact Angle Grinder

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As a powerful compact angle grinder with reduced speed yet high torque and speed stability
The WSG 14-125 S is ideal for machining stainless steel with serrated discs.


Unique ergonomic design for fatigue-free working.
Equally suited to right and left handers.
Reliable, countersunk switch
H 07 industrial cable
Dustproof tacho control
Captive safety hood with protection against twisting
Sealed electronic parts
Soft start
Restart lock
Carbon brushes with self-cut off function


Power consumption 1200 Watt
Power output 750 Watt
Speed 7000 1/min
Cable with plug 4 m
Weight 2,2 kg
Tool holder Flanges M 14
Sanding disc Ø125 mm
Elastic backing pad Ø125 mm

Standard Equipment

1 safety hood
1 pair of flanges
1 extra handle
1 key


Fein 3 Year Warranty

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