TIMco In-Dex Hex Head Green Timber Framing Screws

TIMco In-Dex Hex Head Green Timber Framing Screws

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TIMco In-Dex Timber framing screws are an alternative to traditional coach screws, and are designed for decking, roofing, fencing, railway sleepers, and many other structural building and landscaping applications. The 8mm hex head with a fixed washer provides excellent clamping in all wood types. They have a 50-degree deep single thread to provide a fast & secure fixing with high pull-out resistance and a type 17 slash to reduce insertion torque and the likelihood of the timber splitting when inserted. They also have a 25-degree sharp point for easier penetration into all wood types. These timber screws have an organic olive green plating, which is tested to 1,000 hours (minimum) salt spray resistance.


Gauge - 6.7mm (widest part of thread)
Length - 60mm-250mm (from underneath head)
Head - 8mm hexagon head
Plating – organic green

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